What our blog is about and why we are different:

There are a lot of travel blogs out there and many of them are quite good. Why start another travel blog? Well, we believe that we are different. We are working parents in our 40’s with two teen boys. That in and of itself may not be unique, but the fact that our kids want to hang out with us, look forward to our trips, and we are able to continue to plan vacations that the whole family enjoys, just might be.

              Another aspect that makes us different is that we have diverse travel experiences and interests that take us from the slopes to the seashore, from Europe to the Caribbean, to Walt Disneyworld, Disneyland, Yellowstone, Whistler, Hawaii and back. We sail, we ski, we hike, and we certainly eat. Some trips are luxurious, and others are rustic. One day the restaurant we eat in may have a Michelin star, the next, a place few except the locals can even find where the food is great but served on paper plates.

              We work hard and we also play hard. We believe that life is out there and as Russell from UP® told us, “The wilderness must be explored.”

              We hope you enjoy this blog and more importantly tell us what you do and don’t like so we can keep the good stuff coming.

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