About Us

We are the Wandering Kellers.

We are Karen and Matt, two mid 40’s parents of 2 teen boys. We both have full time jobs, but work isn’t our life. We see it as a necessity to allow us the ability to do what we truly love, to travel and create lasting memories as a family. Travel gives us all the perspective of how different people live, work, and experience life in different cultures and locales. We believe that experiencing culture, nature, and each other is what defines the human experience and that if everyone had some better perspective on the world we would have a much more collaborative and peaceful existence.

We started our blog because through the years we would tell people about our trips and experiences. We kept hearing the familiar refrain “I couldn’t plan all that,” or “I don’t even know where to begin.” We started helping others plan their adventures and many thanked us for our advice and recommendations. We realized that many more people may travel if they only had some framework to plan around or an understanding of what’s out there. We also thought we would enjoy sharing our travels and memories with more than just family and friends. Covid really crystallized this as Matt had some extra time on his hands for the first time in a long time.  He began writing about our experiences and The Wandering Kellers was born. The blog has become a labor of love, and some would say part of Matt’s midlife crisis.

What makes our blog unique?

While we give our tips and tricks like many blogs and we also give costs and itineraries, we also try to add the human touch of our mistakes and missteps. We want people to know that traveling doesn’t always go perfectly no matter how hard Karen plans, and that’s part of the adventure sometimes. We write in a way that people who can’t travel can experience a slice of what we did simply by reading the post but also give those with interest and adventure in their souls the framework to plan the trip themselves, and, with a little luck, do it even better than we did.

End Game

Our long-term goal/dream is to semi-retire after the kids graduate college and begin to travel more adventurously and frequently. Hopefully that plan will involve our own sailboat that can be home base for many of our adventures. We hope everyone enjoys this blog and if you have questions or comments make sure you send us a message.

Happy and Safe travels to everyone,

The Wandering Kellers

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